More on good meditation

March 4, 2007

Continuing from the last post about mediation, here’s what I feel about it personally.

In a good meditation practice, our hearts and intuitions are the most important aspects. They can be considered to be the path or doorway through which you can reach the Divine state and they are also the means your spiritual will communicate with you.

Many times in life, we feel we have been hurt emotionally by some other people, or, we have hurt others, over the past day. Accept this fact and next send a thought of love and light to the person or people involved.

If you were the one being hurt, send this divine gift to yourself, visualize yourself, feel yourself receiving that love and that light and allow the hurt to melt away.

In this divine way, you will gradually erode the vengeful feeling you have in your hearts towards your ‘enemies’ or you will feel remorseful yourself for causing others hurts that they do not deserve.


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