Maria Duval’s guide to good meditation

March 3, 2007

For a good meditation practice, it is advisable to do this at the end of the day. Of course the best time is to meditate just before going to bed or early morning around 5am to 6am when the surrounding is still peaceful.

Well, if you wish, you can sit down in a comfortable chair or even lying down on the bed as long as you do not fall asleep, lol. My goodness, I slept a few times when I mediated this way so I am not joking! I must be really tired that day because this meditation does not have to be long, around 5 to 10 minutes will be sufficient.

For the first minute or two, you may feel a bit hard to settle down but once you adopt peaceful breathing pace, you will feel more settled down after that . Now you may close your eyes and look back at the events that have taken place over the course of the day or you can even pan forward to think for the coming new day! Do this when you are fully relaxed and you have to be really at ease and let go.

If you are into the mood now, images from the day will come into your memory vividly. Remind yourself of your words and actions, and feel what they generate within you.

Think hard. Are you satisfied with your day or are there anythings you could have done to improve yourself. What did you learn, what lessons you draw from it?

Most importantly, allow your heart and your intuition (spirit) to speak and communicate with you because if there is no spiritual communication, it is not meditation. Only this way you can grow spiritually.


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