Past, present and future.

March 1, 2007

I wrote this article shortly after reading an insight from Maria Duval. I think I am getting ‘there’, or am i being too preachy! Haa..

There is nothing permanent in this world as everything is moving so fast. Every man has an inner fear – that primitive fear of losing something precious. Through this state of fear, man creates many problems that will gradually poison their lives. Also through this fear, man constantly projects himself into the past and future but forget to live the present life.

Personally I have fears too since I am just a very common human striving to make a living and doing my best to give something back to the society. Fears like my health is not able to keep up even though I have followed a good dietary habit, about not able to support the family well enough or have enough funds to retire comfortably.

However I agree we should not live by the thoughts of the past as this will repeat my past again and that I will not open to my life if I have that thinking. Neither should I live of my future as this will make me incapable of feeling my present needs.

In general, to live happily and gain good health, we must live in the present. If our past unhappy thoughts come back to us, throw it away immediately and not to worry about them. And if its the future that worries you, you should find out the way what you were made for, your life objective and then follow your course religiously taking pleasure in everything.

People will only have happy if they can do this. Thanks for Maria Duval for this insight.


One Response to “Past, present and future.”

  1. beryggs Says:

    that’s like… exactly what i was saying.. partially. good thoughts!

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