Over the next 4 weeks, new life is needed

February 15, 2007

Maria Duval says that during the next 4 weeks, I will feel a great need for action, freedom and a new life. What does this mean? Right now, my life has been quite imposed by the limits due to daily routines. I would like to change my daily life so that it will be more invigorating and challenging. I am thinking what I should be doing to break the chain of routines. Some of the things that I wish to do in the past have been hidden in the cupboard.

I hope I will sit down carefully and plan about what I should do and I will not reveal it my plans here in this blog. So mentally, this influence will favor a good balance of the nervous system and tend to develop more spiritual intuition.

Some more, I expect some excitement in the week aheads, probably I will go out to do some jungle trekking or outdoor games when the weather has subsided considerably. I am not really that confirmed at this moment. And most importantly, my overall human relationship will get better too.

Thanks Maria Duval for this personal forecast.


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