The spiritual or casual body

February 12, 2007

The spiritual body is the origin of all other bodies. It is the substance of your being. It is what brings you nearer to the divine kingdom, in human form,

Your spiritual body is the body of light of the Buddhists or the body of glory for Christians. It is what remains of your lost divinity.

In a world where the materials are increasingly important, the spiritual body is stifled and loses itself in the maze of modern life. Pushed by stress, the spiritual body withdraws into physical body, from which it eithers detaches itself on death, or separates itself to be reincarnated and take up a new body.

The spiritual body is the seat of the spirit. It is the main body we call God. In fact, the casual body is the principle behind all things in our life: without it, we could not live. Then the different layers are superimposed onto it: the psychological and physical layers. The word (the thought of God) having taken a body (taken from) through the intermediary of the physical body has given birth to other bodies.


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