Trees have wonderful spiritual healing powers – do you know that?

February 11, 2007

It’s weekend again! I hope you have a great time so far. What are you doing for this weekend? For me, I spent my Saturday going out to the Town buying some essential stuff and catching up with friends there. Then I cleaned up my car in my garage. Kind of a simple life, and I like it simple nowadays because life should be enjoyed, not rushed.

Do you know that your trees in your backyard can be a great healing source? Yes, do not underestimate the powers of nature.

Trees can emanate great deal of healing energy into the environment according to some spiritual studies. I kind of agree totally because I have always felt refreshingly radiant and energetic after a jungle stroll. There is a sense of harmony, vitality and peace when you are with the trees amongst the mountains.

Hugging trees have been known to healed illnesses because they give you energy of life. You can make friends with tree too. I remember when I was young, I was so fond of a particular tree in my own backyard that I ate, drank, slept, studied and rest there and I always felt very alive thereafter.

So next time when you are feeling tired or stressful, the best cure might be right with your trees in your backyard or nearby park. Go to hug it and experience its enormous amount of life energy!

On to another subject, Maria Duval. From time to time, I will be posting information about Maria and some of her good works. I am doing this because I feel she’s not what other people have said. In fact, if you do a search about psychics, you will find that most of the people regard them as scams. I can only come to a conclusion that people are scared of such things because it is a totally different realm from the orthodox sector of Science and psychics are unconventional compared to Science.

From internet, I have already found a few people who believe in Maria Duval and this goes a long way to show that her services are appreciated by many people. Furthermore, she helps people to get on positively in life too. This beats those negative-minded rumor-mongers who just want to spoil perfectly honest business. Coming to the reality, there isn’t any perfectly legitimate business on earth that does not get its fair share of negative views.

Ok, if you want to find some good information about Maria Duval and spirituality, you can visit A tribute to Maria Duval.


One Response to “Trees have wonderful spiritual healing powers – do you know that?”

  1. I’ve heard that North American natives would lean up against pine trees, preferring that tree’s energy to all others because it remains green year round.

    For readers near Quincy, Massachusetts, USA who are interested, there is a talk on spiritual healing coming up on Thursday, April 5, 2007. It’s being given by Malcolm Smith, an internationally renowned healer from England. For more information, please visit

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