Simple tips to improve your bedroom’s feng shui

February 8, 2007

Today I wish to write some simple tips about fengshui in your bedroom. I have been experiencing some stress in my sleep, although not much and it doesn’t get into my daily routines, it is still something to look into. Last few days, I read some books about fengshui and it gave me some insight into it. There are simply too many things to learn in spirituality area and everyday I learn and discover something new.

Feng Shui is an ancient art or science of maintaining a peaceful and prosperous co-existence between earthly elements such as metal, water, fire, wood and earth and the energies of the universe. It is a very old Chinese art form but it’s getting very popular here in the States. “Feng” means “wind” while “shui” means “water”. So it means “wind and water” literally. Commonly feng shui also known as geomancy.

Right, I shall list down some of the excellent feng shui tips for bedroom. You may want to follow all of them so that your sleep and life can be more peaceful and congenial. These are not superstitions but have some scientific evidence and they have been practised since two or three thousands year ago.

We spend nearly 1/3 of our live time in the bed therefore the bed can be regarded as the most important item in our lives. Do not mistreat your sleeping environment but arrange your bed such that you will sleep in harmony and peace with the surrounding. Your love life will improve too! I shall list some good feng shui practice for the bedroom without going into the details.

1. Place your bed in a commanding position in your bedroom. This means the bed must be as far away from the door but not totally invisible from the bed as possible. The part of the room diagonally farthest from the entry offers the best position for your bed.

2. There should have a solid wall behind your bed with some space between the wall and bed headrest.

3. Never keep your working desk or computer in your bedroom.

4. To enhance your love life, do use pastel bed room decors, paintings, use of paired objects like paired ducks.

5. Do not keep your bed where there is window behind but ideally it should be on your right.

6. Do not to sleep with a beam or overhead cupboards over your head.

7. Do not sleep with any mirrors or reflective objects live TV or computer screens.

These are some of the common feng shui tips you can apply easily. There are many more tips but I don’t think I shall list them down. Do a search via internet if you are keen to know more and there are tons of information about feng shui.


2 Responses to “Simple tips to improve your bedroom’s feng shui”

  1. ravi sharma Says:

    hi i would like to know more about feng sui im a businessman but not doing great.
    so guide me how can i improve my wealth

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear Ravi,

    Fengshui is a huge class of knowledge on its own. Here are some tips for wealth:

    1. Wealth spot is found at Southeast corner of your home or business. Enhance this area when you want more money and abundance. Leave this space neat and orderly – no obstruction.

    2. Water features like fountains will keep your abundance flowing.

    3. Have a goldfish tank at the wealth corner.

    4. Close the toilet seat cover when not in use as it prevent money energy from slipping away.

    There are many tips..just search on the internet or buy books to know more about it. Consult fengshui masters if need.

    Best of lucks!
    Jackie R.

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