Why do we need spiritual wealth?

February 6, 2007

Spiritual wealth is derived from knowledge we learned which is gained from facts and information like our spiritual nature and ways of life, information about God and his role in human affairs. Humans need to understand these facts if they are to prevent being led through aimlessly in life by their own constant changing emotions and instincts.

I suppose you will not disagree if I say all human beings require social interactions with one and another. We need one another humans through the various stages or conditions of our lives. Through it, we also develop our own spiritual knowledge which further allows us to grow our interpersonal skills.

Despite our best intentions to help one another via medical advances, technological improvements or physiological support, humans still make mistakes or natural disasters which will hamper our own spirits and emotions. It is precisely for this reason that each human race seeks discourse via beings with higher intelligence and power. God had created us imperfectly with limited wisdom so that we may continually seek a fruitful relationship with Him. Through Him, a spiritually enlightened individual is a spiritually empowered person.

Another benefit of acquiring spiritual knowledge is that we are mere moral beings and spiritual enlightenment enables the individual to attain a high moral state. In addition to being able to tell right from wrong, such a person will be very responsive to their conscience from the rights and wrongs. People know good deeds will be amply rewarded in spiritual wealth.

Furthermore,a spiritually enlightened individual is able to consciously employ his/her spiritual resource that is available to effectively deal with the difficulties and challenges in life. By using affirmations, such a person will hold on to his/her dream because he/she knows that an unstoppable creative process will eventually result their dreams to become reality. Such an individual will also appreciate the need to always keep their mind clean by using positive thoughts to clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

Well, I hope what I have written above is simple and easily understood. It takes great determination for a person to decide to develop spiritually.

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