Effects of negative waves in your homes

February 5, 2007

I believe religiously through the teachings of Maria Duval that everything single thing in the Universe vibrates and emits waves: minerals, plants, animals, human beings, absolutely everything!

Intrinsically linked to life, this phenomenon is universal and is as true of an atom as it is of a planet.

The same is true of the environment and the places where we live. Houses where we live in, constantly emits either positive or negative waves. These waves are invisible to the majority of people, with the exception of those with the gift of clairoyance. Sometimes we feel them, without understanding what it is that we are feeling.

You will doubtless have experienced the sensation of entering a place, house or building, etc, and feeling ‘ill at ease’. The place is cold, inhospitable, or maybe you just can’t put your finger on what is making you uncomfortable.

Perhaps you look around, and trying to work out what it is that is wrong, but found nothing identifiable. Perhaps you tried to rationalize it, but the only thing you knew for sure was that you didn’t like the place and you didn’t want to hang around. And you left, without ever knowing the reason for your feelings.

From what I understand from this phenomenon, it is highly likely that you are experiencing ‘negative waves’.

The waves emitted by a building can be positive and good. In fact they have a significant influence on our mood, health, luck and success.

That is why it is so important for the energy of our homes to be in harmony with our personal vibrations.

Psychic Maria Duval can help you if you wish to get rid off your home those negative energies or waves that are undermining your luck and influence so far so that your personal spiritual vibrations can be aligned with those that emit from your home. If this balance is achieved, the waves of luck, love and money will encroach you.


2 Responses to “Effects of negative waves in your homes”

  1. Sajjid Says:


    For sure every single thing in the universe, do vibrate. Well, I don’t like talking too much when leaving comments as it’s visible to everyone. I really like having those kind of discussions, sharing ideas & views, talking about lived experiences, and learning new stuffs.


  2. Anuraag jha Says:

    its an goode experience and thnk for the same i am feeling the same.

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