Your spirituality work-up

February 1, 2007

I have been mentioning repeatedly about spirituality in my blog so far and what good it can do to your soul if you start practising and developing your spirituality. Maybe I have forgotten to write about some basic things to note for building up your spirituality level.

For a start the purpose of developing our spirituality is to bring ourselves closer to the creations and to the creator of the universe. Note that there is a very fine line of difference between this and religion. You can be spiritual without being religious but you can’t be religious without being spiritual. See what I mean? It has often been grossly misunderstood that being spiritual means behaving religiously.

Well, being spiritual really means simply as constant awareness regarding our basic human nature, and not the pursue of the materialistic needs. Most people have already lost the spiritual edge in their lives due to the materialistic world we are in now. This is a reflection of the world we live in nowadays, which is the result of the lack of spirituality and compassion in many people.

Right, how to give your spirituality a work-up?

Just do this simple exercise at your free times as many as you may allow. Sitting in a quiet place, and in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and watch your breath. Watch mentally the air coming in and out.

After a few moments, and when you are relaxed, imagine you are free to travel wherever you wish. To another city, to the moon, to the stars.

Feel yourself free in this travel and marvel at the beauty and perfection of the creation all around you.

Try to feel allied to creation, and be a casual observer. Let your imagination run where it will. Let your imagination be a sort of cosmic gypsy, and wander where your imagination takes you.

Do not force your thoughts, let them flow of themselves.

Sitting as long as you can, slowly bring your consciousness back to your here and now. When in the here and now, consider the greatness of creation and the creator, whatever religion you have, use your own symbology.

When you arise from this exercise, your spirituality will have been enhanced.

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