Thoughts are energies

January 31, 2007

Every matter in the universe possesses energy, that includes the air we breath and lights that shine on us. The table and chair that I used to type this post are made of energy too. Even science has proven that your thoughts are energy too. Thoughts can be expressed as ‘vibrational energies’. All matters have energies, therefore, all vibrates, which are determined by the state they are in. This is beginning to sound like a physics lesson…

You emanate bad energy when your thoughts are negative or impure. If your thoughts are negative and full of impurities, the vibrational energy your thought gives of will attract similar negative vibrational energies from the outside. This is Law of Attraction in working. Therefore, when you tune your vibrational energy to one of abundance, success, or whatever it is that you want to attract, you’ll attract that into your life. Those people who doubt Maria Duval’s authenticity should be banished for writing her works off as something shambolic. Remember, acting as negative will not bring you any successes in life.

As such, if you know the full principles of how the vibrational energies of your thoughts work, you can utilise it to attrack lucks and successes into your live. Remember your thought is like a magnet, you attract what you have in your mind. Hence wouldn’t it be foolish for you not to act or think positively? You have only yourself to blame if things don’t turn out well for being so negative all along.


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