I can’t stop stressing repeatedly the power of having a positive attitude as what Maria Duval says

January 30, 2007

Whenever I talk to my friends, my family members, or any normal associates about matters or just seeking their opinions, I realize that 90% of of people are negative in nature. I can really understand because I used to be that a couple of years back. It got so bad that many of the views I expressed then were downright disheartening and didn’t do any good to the morals of the people I associated with. And I felt exhilarated about it because I felt I managed to convince these people to have the same view as me. It also made me feel like I was a champion for their causes, expert analyst of the issues and condemn whatever policies my ex-company came out with, and I did make a lot of friends as a result because birds of the same colors fly together!

Later, through a life changing experience. I realized my folly about having negative attitude about almost anything. Instead of living a happy life, I was wallowing in despair and angst. Live was really not that sweet and health did not do well either. It was not a nice experience to talk about really.

The trouble with being negative about life and all the mistakes you have made is that it tends to be a slippery slope so much in as more negative things start to happen which makes you more negative and depressed. The difference with people who are positive about life is that when they make a mistake they do not dwell on it, they just chalk it down to experience and move on, plus they learn how to do better next time, and the more they learn by their mistakes the more successful they become in their everyday life, and are more mentally able to cope with all of life’s challenges. Also they always prefer to view issues with a positive thought eg let say’s you are struck by a flat tyre, instead of cursing your bad luck and why you seem to get it often, you can twist your thinking around and say thanks to Lord for having a spare tyre for you.

If you adopt positive attitude, not only will you be happier, your productivity actually increases too. Your health improves too!


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