Maria Duval Testimony from Germany

January 29, 2007

A recent 2005 testimony from Gisela H, Germany. I am so glad to hear her story. Wish Gisela all the best in life!

Dear Maria!

Today I feel the urge to write you a few personal lines.

Even though nothing has happened up to now, I would like to thank you very much for your trouble and assistance, particularly for the book with the special collection of secret teachings. It is so wonderfully written and so vividly described that I felt joy whilst reading it. Even though I should have learnt all that sort of thing a long time ago, I still find it very, very difficult to feel or listen to inspiration or intuition. The same applies to visualisation. Yet I’m a painter and paint people, animals and objects, from my imagination. I have my second sight. Why doesn’t it work for this purpose? At least I know now that it’s down to me. I am secretly hoping that the Goddess Lakshmi can do something for me. I’ve put the photo in the bedroom next to the Knights Templar box.

But I’ve been doing much better since I’ve know you, dear Maria Duval, and I’ve found my inner balance again. I hear the birds sing again and see the flowers bloom again. Yet the sun still doesn’t have the right lustre, although the rays warm me, and all this is thanks to you, dear Maria. Your dear letters are so full of hope and kind that I can’t help loving them. And although my lucky star seems to have gone out, it did bring me you, dear Maria. So it does still twinkle through the veil now and again. It also gave me eight days on Tenerife with wonderful people – the spiritual healer Antonio –we spent divine hours with meditation and rituals on magical Teide and for the first time I felt the force that ran through me, I felt that I was linked with God and Earth. Now I need to contradict myself: something has happened – I have become much freer and I can even smile and be silly.

Now for something else. Dear Maria Duval, I want to give you something that is from me alone, this small book of poems and pictures. I wrote it for my husband when he was still alive to thank him for all the love and goodness and so much trust he gave me. The same goes for you, Maria, I hope you find some joy in it. It was my first attempt on a PC, unfortunately with some errors. Now it’s broken and I have to make do with the old one that tends to capitalise everything up front. Maybe the Goddess Lakshmi will help sometime when my lucky star twinkles again.

With greetings from all my heart

Erkerode, 27.07.2005

Gisela H.


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