Our spirits needs exercises too

January 28, 2007

We need to take care of the health of our spirits. This has been forgotten by most people who mostly care about physical health. If you follow Maria Duval’s guidances, your spiritual health will grow stronger because her instructions are based on improving your spirituality and attracting positive energies to your inner self.

Do you agree that we all have spirits? All living things have a spirit because that’s the thing that sustains their lives. Many times when we are faced with situation where we have to make an important decision, we are in fact discussing the problem with our spirits. That’s the instinct you are talking about. Or you are so touched that you cried suddenly, that’s your spirit too.

Further more, like our physical health, we need to strengthen our spiritual health through exercises. There are many spiritual products in the market and Maria Duval’s services are one that I have benefited a lot. I am continuing practising what I have learned from her. And I always discover new treasures.


One Response to “Our spirits needs exercises too”

  1. Dale Says:


    Our spirits need to be connected with God regularly. Through prayer, solitude, meditation and talking with Him daily.



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