Complain well and be happy in life – it’s such a beautiful life

January 27, 2007

I find that people are too easy to find fault and complain instead of expressing gratitude.

It is so simple to complain about simple things in life that we come across often. Take for example, we complain that the food in the restaurant is cold when it is perfectly fine to be eaten. Or when we go travels, we complain that the schedules aren’t totally according to the plan. Have you imagined what sort of image you have shown to other people when you go about being a hard-to-pleased? I have known of a person who swears by his life, colleagues and even family members when things are not in his favor.

Well, I am not saying it is not right to complain. If you complain in the right way, it is actually beneficial and is a constructive feedback to improve the service you are complaining about. Yes, complain in the right direction. Recently I wrote an email to a local transport company about a foul smell emanating from the departing area. It has been there for so many days yet no one is taking any actions. Such situation warrants a complain yet no one is making it. I immediately wrote in that afternoon after getting pissed off. 3 days later, the transport company replied to me feeling apologetic and explained to me that that foul smell was due to a rotting rat carcass and I get the impression I am the only one to tell them from the way the letter was written. I shuddered at the air I have breathed in there.

We all know that life isn’t perfect and that it isn’t going to go smoothly. We all get upset sometimes when we hit a stumbling block, and being reasonable when we’re upset isn’t always easy, but it is possible. My own view when we get upset easily is because we are not paying attention to the appreciative things in life. I’m not talking about events like winning the lottery, but about the little day-to-day sources of joy and laughter.

How about saying how beautiful life is when you hear your neighbor’s roosters screaming at 5am instead of feeling upset that it disturbed your sleep? How about saying how great the food tastes when it comes instead of focusing on the slightly longer waiting time? If you feel upset by the time, you are giving yourself a travesty because the food tastes distinctly poorer I can bet when it is perfectly wonderful. It all linked to being positive, as is what this blog is striving focus on. Being positive and make positive energies in life!

People who are happy, positive and grateful to the great Creator in life certainly leads a better life! If you the type of gets upset easily, complains a lot and being belligerent, it really doesn’t help you psychologically and medically too as research has proved that happier and positive people produce endorphine that is hugely beneficial in your overall well being.

I know I have no say in how you lead your life but how I want my life to be is totally within your choice. For me, I want a happy and positive life as what Maria Duval has mentioned


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