We are all matters of the universe

January 24, 2007

I sincerely wish all you have a great 2007 so far and may you have great positive thoughts and energy to bring you through even at the hardest obstacles of your life.

As you may have known, all matters in this universe have energy. The energy can be in moment or it may be inert waiting to be unleased. This is because all matters are made from tiny particles called atoms that vibrate variantly according to the states it is in and in different velocities. In solid matters, articles are binded closely hence hence the matters are solid while in liquid, article are loosely binded.

Hence objects are different in appearances but we are actually all linked and related as part of the immense Universe. There is actually oneness of being.

Taking an example, I have very sure you have this experience of being watched or stared by someone behind and instinctively, you know you are watched and you just turn over your back to see who’s behind you. Why is it that you have this instinctive feeling? This feeling will get even stronger if that someone who looks at you is closely related to you. With this example, therefore, it can be used to explain why some people have such strong telepathic feelings that something not right is happening to their loved ones at that very moment.

For myself, I have experienced countless of times when I suddenly think of a friend and he/she will text me later that day. Just the other day I was wondering how a certain friend of mine was doing. Our different schedules have not allowed us to see each other or even communicate through SMS. That afternoon I accompanied another friend to a for meal and there was the friend I was just thinking about that morning. She greeted me first by saying, “Hi, I have been wondering how you are!”

Coincidence of course! But that is how this works!


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