Positive energies of human beings

January 23, 2007

Right brain is for us to imagine or image thinks or for some creative functions. Since long time ago, we have known that right brain has powerful healing by imagination. It has also been discovered that the powerful imagination capacity of the right brain can generate physical and chemical reactions, including reactions in cells and hormones.

Ancient Egyptian priests used images to treat people. They lulled the patients to sleep and healed their sickness by showing them a vivid image. By using the imaging function of the right brain, the healing process will start and it’s really by utilising the powerful function of the right brain to attain this self-healing capacity.

It is believed that physical discomforts or reaction like sickness is based on a phenomenon excluding the will function. But this is not true because actually we can control not only other’s immune reaction but also our immune reaction with the power of imagination.

The healing process through imaging really treats the whole body, emotions, mind and spirits and in the process of treating, it creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. And this treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

If you think dream is also a power of imagination, you are right because therapy using dreams has existed since ancient times. Human beings can be said to have two consciousnesses. The normal consciousness works during waking periods, and the subconsciousness works while sleeping however it is the subconsciousness level that determines the intensity of the imaging function of the right brain.

It is just a pity that most people have ignored the use of this powerful capability during their nightly sleeps because it is through the sleeps that these amazing powers are realised subconsciously, omipotently and almightily.

In addition, there are two types of energy, one is life energy and the other is spiritual energy. Our left brain handles the life energy and the right brain the spiritual energy. The overall working process of the human body is through the use of the life energy which is generated by ingesting foods and taking in oxygen by breathing. We are automatically doing it everyday unconsciously. On the other hand, the spiritual energy enters your body by meditation and abdominal breathing.
Usually, a normal person does not have the habit of taking the space energy into his body. This unlimited supply of space energy improves your health and enhances the quality of life.

Also, normal humans have lost the ability to tap on their hidden spiritual energy and imaging functions anymore. This is really a pity because it is this that sets humans apart from other living things in this world. If you have lost this ability and like to feel it’s amazing power again, psychics are the people to help you because they can help you to be more sensitive spiritually. No longer are you just focused in the physicality of your body and world around.

You guess it, I have been tapping on the powers of Maria Duval to awaken my spiritual realms. I can now perceive things in a better light than most people because I no longer just focus on the worldly senses but instead, I reach out to spiritual signals through the teachings of Maria Duval. It is a well worth life journey.


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