Psychics and Science

January 22, 2007

Hope everyone of you who happen to visit my blog has a great weekend. May peace and prosperity fill your lifes to the fullest.

Today I have some thoughts about the subject of psychic phenomenum. I had spoken to some people about Maria Duval and how she helps my family and me, and you guess it, what I got in replies were big-eyed stares and expected skepticism. Maybe this is not bad at all because psychics are always prone to be controversial and misunderstood throughout the history of times when they first existed, not helped by the long list of faked psychics, impersonated clairvoyant, scamming mediums and unscrupulous faith healer. The list is long.

I would hope that the advance in science would help to clear up the bad name of parapsychology and returns all good practising pyshics a good name they deserve so much. However, it is only a pipe dream because it would be extremely difficult to do that. A couple of reasons in my own opinions:

Firstly, science is still insufficient for parapsychology. What I mean is that so far science has helped us well but it has still got its limits and it can’t do everything. Scientific methods may not even work here because science and religion are always conflicting! Also, science cannot measure atttributes like the emotions of love or anger.

Secondly, there are too many psychic skeptics around to devalue the merits of the honorable psychics like Maria Duval. There are people who want to investigate psychic claims but they do it with such an ingrained bias that it is a sham why they bother to spend time doing it in the the first place! They are skeptical, because they are really disbelievers. It’s just the opposite end of the spectrum of Belief. That’s all. These skeptics have a hidden agenda to discredit true psychiscs. I guess the main reason for that is fear. What if there is someone who could read what’s in your mind and what your future will behold? Your dirty secrets and all your subconscious emotions will be there fully exposed to them. What if there are more people around who can attain psychic powers? That could be the main motivation for these skeptics.

Anyone has any comments? Please feel free. 🙂

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