Positive Changes

January 18, 2007

After completing the series of interventions of 63 days, and as requested in your letter dated 18th October 2006, I am writing again to let you know about the positive changes that I have noticed in my life.I managed to complete the rituals as layed out in your letter every morning for the 63 days. But the night time rituals I missed a few, being out late and away from home.

I have also become more tolerant to the nasty people I come in contact with during the day.

I am more aware of the negative forces in my life. I did not not realise how many of these forces existed, and how they influenced my life everyday.

My life has become more relaxed and I feel a lot calmer during the day. I used to fly off the handle at every little thing. Know when this is about to happen I stop and control my breathing and calm down.

About 2 weeks ago, my friend gave me some herbal medicine as I was getting low and went all over town to obtain some more tablets. Every shop I went in to didn’t sell the brand I wanted. Last Sunday, I went to buy a lottery ticket but could not park in my usual spot, so I parked around the corner in a back street outside a pharmacy. When I came back, I went in on the off chance and came out with the tablets I wanted . The point is my luck is changing at last.

These are the changes in my life I have noticed and I am positive there are many more but cannot bring them to mind. So what we are doing is getting results.

I thank you for this and long it may continue. Thanks, Maria Duval.


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