Positive Thinking Every Day

January 13, 2007

Did you know that you have more influence in your own life than any other person? Your thoughts are controlled by you. So how do you take control and start thinking positive every day? Follow these five steps:

Positive Thinking Step One: Reframe the picture. Many times, we meet certain circumstances with clouded vision. We base our present and future experiences on the past. If something similar recently went wrong, then we automatically expect the same results. Reframe the picture. How can you look at this situation differently?

Positive Thinking Step Two: Ask for support. While the choice is ultimately yours to think positive every day, you can ask for support. Sometimes it’s difficult to see your way out of something if all you can see are the bad things. When you find yourself in this position, turn to a supportive friend and ask for their perspective. Occasionally you need a little help from others.

Positive Thinking Step Three: Be brave. You might be thinking to yourself that positive thinking every day for you just isn’t possible. I disagree. You have to be brave and do what you haven’t done before. Make a conscious effort to change your thinking.

Positive Thinking Step Four: Use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are a powerful source of strength. Anyone can benefit from them. First, write a list of your negative thoughts, then reword each statement to reflect a positive attitude. For example, “I never win anything,” can be reworded instead to read, “I am in the process of winning a 10-speed bicycle.”

Positive Thinking Step Five: Be gentle. Creating a shift from negative thinking to positive thinking isn’t easy. Remember this when you’re having bad days (because you will have bad days!). Take it one day at a time. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. You’re learning and growing. Be kind to yourself as you engage in positive thinking every day.

Hope Wilbanks publishes Nurtured Soul, an online inspirational magazine for women. You can find more inspirational articles at Nurtured Soul: http://www.nurturedsoul.com/


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