Maria Duval Testimony from Meridian, MS.

January 10, 2007

I received this testimony last week from this lady Mary H. from Meridian, MS. Maria Duval had helped her and her daughter greatly somewhere back in 1996. Okay, I shall paste her testimony right here.

“Dear Maria Duval,

In 1996, I requested from you an in depth reading, for both myself and my daughter Jane Elizabeth H., in response to your letter to me, introducing yourself to me and telling me about yourself. I received that study that started in May 1996. It taught me many things about myself. I was very pleased to received such an in-depth study about myself.

My financial situation is such that such a win would be a great relief to me. Your information on events that would affect me was helpful. And the advice you gave to me on certain dates; what to do; what to expect on certain dates within each month. With this information and with high cycles on dates shown, I decided to try my luck at a Nevada Casino. So on March 8th, I took the bus to Jackpot Nevada to see if I could turn my luck around. You told me my life numbers were 5,4 and 9. The first machine I saw was a $1 machine with a large pay off. The number of that machine was 5049. I hit that jackpot for $5,438. Again my bioryhorn showed my energy level high on April 3, 1997. I returned to Nevada, played the same machine and won $5,390. On April 30th, I returned and won $6189. All of these were listed as high days for me, according to you, Maria Duval! That was $17,017 in 71/2 weeks. I was able to pay my Mortgage payments, help my daughter and share much more money with needed Charities. I am very grateful. I feel these things have been a great help to me.

Thank you for being my friend.

Mary H.”

It’s really excited to hear Mary’s story, isn’t it?

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