Clairvoyant Dream

January 2, 2007

Every individual experiences dreams during his lifetime. These dreams are experiences of images, words, thoughts, sounds or voices, and sensations during sleep; the dreamer does not have the capacity to influence the said experience. Dreams could be frightening, upsetting, and even stimulating especially if it is an exotic dream. However, there is another form of dream that people often have a hard time remembering or analyzing when they awaken; this is the clairvoyant dream.

A clairvoyant dream is an experience of images and sounds or voices where as a thing or an event is seen that has the possibility of happening for real. Actually, a clairvoyant dream is very hard to distinguish since many people have the belief that whatever happened in your dreams, the exact opposite will happen in real life. Only a gifted person, who has the ability to foresee a thing or event without the use of the senses, can easily say that such dream is a clairvoyant dream.

Clairvoyant dreams can be classified into two kinds: the warning dream and the anxiety dream. The warning dream is often a dream that looks into the future and foresees some sort of danger. In this kind of clairvoyant dream, the dreamer rarely appears in the experience. The anxiety dream, on the other hand, has something to do with what the mind wants to tell the dreamer. The mind unconsciously absorbs information and releases this information through this anxiety dream. In some cases, this kind of clairvoyant dream indicates a health problem that the body is trying to seek some action for immediate treatment.

A clairvoyant dream can be very helpful in order to foresee an event or better understand a problem. However, the sad part is that the dreamer is not capable of changing or preventing anything that is seen in the clairvoyant dream.

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