Examining The Different Types of Psychic Reading

November 3, 2006

Many people find it amazing that in this day and age where technology is become more and more advanced and scientific facts seem to explain more mysteries of the world with each day that there is still a huge market for psychic reading and other forms of paranormal/non-scientific method.

Psychic reading dates back thousands of years, throughout history people have been reported to possess a certain gift for foretelling the future or relating past events in great detail in which they couldn’t have possibly known. While in any other area of life whether plumbers, car mechanics or fortune tellers, there are charlatans, frauds and cheats and people who use more psychological tricks than genuine ability for psychic reading, and many people fall for this.

In some cases however, there are genuine people capable of psychic reading, and it is a shame many people dismiss such a potentially powerful method in life simply because many people are cranks.

The most common form of psychic reading is star signs in which a persons future or past or combination of the two is read based upon the alignment of the stars and planets and a persons birth date. This is an extremely common form of psychic reading which often is inside newspapers and magazines.

The second most common form of psychic reading is palm reading in which the curves, lines and prints of a persons hand are examined and are all said to have different meaning and baring upon how a persons life will turn out and how long they may live and so forth. Palm reading is common at fair grounds and the like.

Tarot reading is a form of psychic reading which is done with a deck of 78 cards (the Tarot) which are used to predict many aspects of a person’s life from their job and careers, to their love-life and more. Tarot reading is a fairly complicated art in which the cards which appear in the tarot, their position and the order in which they appear all have specific meanings and the entire interpretation of what each card means depends entirely upon the tarot reader.

One of the fastest growing and most intriguing forms of psychic reading is aura reading. A person’s aura is said to be an invisible band and pattern of colours in which every person in the world gives off, and each aura is different to another persons.

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