Fortunetelling in modern days: Free tarot card readings

October 19, 2006

Circa the year 1100 in Northern Italy started Tarot reading or “Tarocchi” which employed cards called back then “carte da trioinfi” or cards of triumph. But their origins can be traced back in China, then to the Arabic civilization that brought it to Spain during the Muslim invasion, and then it spread all across the Christian Europe.

The reading tarot card deck is formed by 78 cards in total, divided in two main categories: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana with beautiful archetypes that represent characters from Roman, Greek and Babylonian mythology, philosophy, astronomy and poetry. These cards are used tell the past, the present and foretell the future by a professional tarot reader who is a person who knows about astrology and occult sciences and possesses divination skills as well.

However, with the coming of computers, Internet and specialized software tarot reading has suffered a change of 180 degrees with the creation of tarot software that allows tarot reading online giving us the possibility to have a peek on our destiny with just some mouse moves and in less than 1 minute.

Here in the U.S. many people has been obsessed about consulting psychics, fortune tellers, mentalists and other professionals of divination and the occult; and this huge interest that had a booming success on TV and toll-free lines moved to the worldwide world of the Internet. The number of websites offering free tarot card readings is amazing, but still not as much as paid tarot reading, because after all, not everything can be totally for free.

These tarot free readings work pretty well, but of course they are limited to just a limited number of questions or they have already preset questions that require you to input some basic information as your name, date and place of birth and any other they consider relevant for to offer accurate result, which are worked out by computer algorithms or programs.

Whether, you are a true believer or not, you can not deny that curiosity is a great motivator to check on these sites and find out which surprises destiny ahs in store for you.

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  1. very interesting post, i enjoyed reading it.

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