I dedicate my blog to Maria Duval

September 3, 2006

Sorry to be late about writing to you informing you about the positive signs I have experienced ever since I took up your offer. It has really been pleasant. I am quite good in internet stuff therefore I took my own initiative to set up this wordpress blog with the main topic about you Maria Duval. I would like to thank you for your great psychic ability on me and I also want to thank you for your concern about my well being. My outlook on life has certainly changed to the positive side now generally.

However, sometimes I do feel about the bad influence as you have warned me before and now I started to feel to be dogged by these negative influences. That is why I defintely need your help to work on that in the future because I have faith in your healings.

I am glad to know you, Mdm Maria Duval.



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